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Death of Loved One
Losing someone close to you can literally shatter your world. Picking up the pieces is difficult and, of course, things can never be the same. Honor your loved one, but know that your financial circumstances have changed and now require new understanding, new strategies, new goals, and you have new needs.

Death is not fair or logical, and it's always too soon when it comes to someone you loved and depended upon. You may have depended upon a spouse for financial matters and now, amidst your grieving, you feel lost and confused. Simply put, I can help you put one foot in front of the other and move through the financial confusion. With the use of easy checklists and new conversations about money, you will begin to see your way. Keep breathing. This will take a while.

If you have lost a parent, who was overly secretive regarding their finances, you may feel like you are looking at things you do not understand. It can become much simpler with professional guidance. You have enough on your plate right now. I can help with financial matters that have timelines, restrictions, deadlines, and processes that may seem foreign to you. Together, with your attorney, I can help you develop a plan, facilitate optimal transfer of assets, and revise your own financial outlook.

Job Loss
You want to believe it won't happen to you, but sooner or later, it will. Losing a job is hurtful, it may cause you to question a lot about yourself, become angry, then afraid for your future. Job loss is emotionally complex and can become paralyzing. All at a time when you must prepare to present your best self for interviews.

Resolving some of the financial concerns, with insight and guidance, can alleviate some of the stress. Losing a job forces you to make rapid changes amid uncertainty and confusion. With appropriate short-term financial strategies, we can clear the way for long-term success. Financial stability during unemployment is tenuous, but possible. The questions are many: which bills to pay, prioritizing necessities, which resources to tap (or not).

With financial advice and guidance, your financial concerns may become secondary to your job-seeking efforts. This is as it should be. Knowing that you and your family are in a financial safety zone will enable you to focus on securing your next great career opportunity. 

Relationships don't always turn out the way you had hoped. If you are recovering from the trauma of divorce and all the associated issues, your financial decisions at this time are critical to your future financial stability. 

This is a time of your life when your financial needs are highly unique and demand detailed understanding. Rudimentary financial planning approaches just will not due. I am fully aware of the challenges you face and am distinctively prepared to address them with you. We can start with my six page post-divorce financial checklist, identify all that applies to you and get to work on it. 

Then we can move on to your financial future with careful deliberation, guidance, and planning at whatever pace you feel comfortable. Like any of life's traumatic events, recovery can be slow and the process needs to be respected. I get it.