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Job Loss

You want to believe it won’t happen to you, but sooner or later, it will. Losing a job is hurtful, it may cause you to question a lot about yourself, become angry, then afraid for your future. Job loss is emotionally complex and can become paralyzing. All at a time when you must prepare to present your best self for interviews.

Resolving some of the financial concerns, with insight and guidance, can alleviate some of the stress. Losing a job forces you to make rapid changes amid uncertainty and confusion. With appropriate short-term financial strategies, we can clear the way for long-term success. Financial stability during unemployment is tenuous, but possible. The questions are many: which bills to pay, prioritizing necessities, which resources to tap (or not).

With financial advice and guidance, your financial concerns may become secondary to your job-seeking efforts. This is as it should be. Knowing that you and your family are in a financial safety zone will enable you to focus on securing your next great career opportunity.