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Rosemary Frank Financial, LLC has established partnerships with professional Third Party Money Managers (TPMM) to help you achieve your wealth management goals. You have both my personal understanding of your situation as well as the experience and expertise of portfolio managers who share my philosophy of active money management. This means your investments receive regular attention and adjustments according to how market indicators align with your personal investment profile and objectives. In addition, I regularly monitor the TPMMs managing your accounts.

Our Money Managers have been selected for their customized portfolio management capabilities. They have each developed their own proprietary strategies, based upon quantitative research and analysis, and are responsive to market fluctuations. They provide you with an array of investment choices that are intended to take advantage of market gains and minimize the impact of market declines upon your investments.

At Rosemary Frank Financial, LLC, we avail ourselves of extensive research and due diligence that drives the selection of asset managers, from recognized “advisers to the adviser” who in turn provide access to the widest range of models and strategies anywhere. Of course, you are the ultimate beneficiary of these efforts.

The custodian of clients’ invested funds is Pershing, LLC, the financial industry’s largest provider of global clearing and settlement solutions. Pershing, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon).