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Your Money

Your Plan
Tell me what keeps you up at night and we'll talk about. Whether it's how to pay the bills this month, or saving for long term goals like children's college or retirement, what you need is a plan. A plan is a simple road map. If you went on a cross country drive without a map, how would you know when to turn? Whatever you are worried about may be resolved with a plan, implementation of the plan, and revision of the plan as needed. 

I realize that your needs and priorities may change over the years and we will modify those goals and plans. The point is, your plan will show you the way to achieve your goals. Now, of course, you will need to follow the plan, but knowing what it needs to be is the first step. The plan illustrates long-term outcomes likely to result from short-term actions. Being totally dedicated to financial education, we can develop a plan that is easy to understand and presented in simple language. I realize that you cannot live it unless you understand it. 

Financial planning sometimes seems overwhelming or unnecessary for persons of modest means. Why? No matter where you are in life, or how much or how little you have, you need to figure out what to do with it. I can de-mystify the planning part, if you can feel the necessity to take financial responsibility for your future. The future will come whether you have prepared for it or not.

Wealth Management
Your wealth is what it is. You do not need to be "wealthy" to have wealth. Whatever you have is your wealth. I'm here to help you manage it.

Wealth management includes a variety of services intended to provide whatever you may need: financial planning, investment advisory, portfolio management, or simply a strategy review or second opinion. My intention is to help make you more comfortable with your financial decisions. The degree of assistance you may require is up to you. If you have been a do-it-yourselfer but feel like there is a piece missing, let's talk about that. If things have become too complicated, or time is limited, maybe turning it over to professionals is a good idea.

As you accumulate wealth, the tools required to manage it effectively may increase. I have assembled to resources to manage portfolios from as small as ten thousand dollars to multi-million dollars plus. Certainly each requires a different approach, therefore the need for multiple resources. The Third Party Money Managers (TPMM) with whom I have partnered provide professional portfolio management services appropriate for your accounts. They are subject to a due diligence process, and ongoing review, that make them prudent choices. 

This approach to wealth management provides the attentiveness of my personal services with the benefits of an array of professional expertise that would otherwise be a challenge to assemble in one place.

Your Retirement
"Retirement" is being redefined every day. Most important is what it means to you. I'm ready to listen. I don't have any predetermined retirement plan for you, but I can help you develop one. Ask me "How much do I need?" and I'll ask you, "What do you want to do?" 

Some of us will remain more active in our careers for many more years than others and die with a full in-box. Some will want to cease all work effort and endlessly tour the world beyond age 50. Most will do something in between. Whatever is right for you, you need to be thinking about it long before it happens. The time to begin was yesterday.

Regardless of what your vision of retirement is, there is a time at which you will most likely have less income than expenses and some sort of reserves (savings) will be needed to cover the difference. If you have been thinking about retirement years based on average life expectancy, think again. Average life expectancy is a calculation for all persons over all years of life. Because people die at all ages due to a myriad of causes, illnesses, accidents, etc., the longer you live, the more "above average" you become. Therefore, if you are alive and reading this, there is a better chance, every day, that you will surpass average life expectancy.

Planning for those additional years can be daunting. It need not be. By maximizing savings strategies, tax advantages, and optimizing investment opportunities, you can put your money to work for you and not need to actually work for every dollar required for retirement years. Let's talk.