Retirement Planning

“Retirement” is being redefined every day. Most important, is what it means to you. I’m ready to listen. I don’t have any predetermined retirement plan for you, but I can help you develop one.

Financial Planning for Women

There are several financial factors that require women to plan for themselves differently than men. Women earn less than men performing the same work with the same qualifications.

Wealth Management

Wealth management includes a variety of services intended to provide whatever you may need: financial planning, investment advisory, portfolio management, or simply a strategy review or second opinion.

Financial Planning

The future will happen whether you plan for it or not. The time to begin was yesterday. That’s not to make you feel bad but most retirees report that their greatest regret was not having saved more and sooner.

Divorce Financial Consulting

Going through a divorce will force you to make the biggest financial decisions of your entire life – at a time when you may feel the least capable of doing so.

Lifestyle Counseling

Several key concepts must be understood, and harnessed, to secure your financial well-being. First, managing your money is more about emotions than it is about math.

Small Business Owners

When you are full of ideas for starting a new business, all you can see is what’s going to happen tomorrow. The anticipation of having their vision become a reality often blinds new entrepreneurs to that all-important question: Does it all makes sense financially?

Estate Planning

For some people, financial planning is mainly concerned with how best to go about building a nest egg, and how to make it last through your elder years.