Lifestyle Counseling

Several key concepts must be understood, and harnessed, to secure your financial well-being. First, managing your money is more about emotions than it is about math. Second, money spent is money not saved. And third, your lifestyle must accommodate savings and be sustainable. While these may seem like simple and reasonable concepts, relatively few people really understand and live by them.

It is imperative that you master many individual aspects of these concepts in order to be financially successful. The devil is in the details. Perhaps you need help identifying that you are not practicing good financial management. A tell-tale sign is that you are not saving 15-20% of your net income. If that is the case, we need to talk.

Lifestyle counseling

Discussions about lifestyle spending will include words like “budget” and “cash-flow.” Most people hate the word “budget.” It implies limits and self-discipline and there is no getting around it. We must master the word, the concept and ourselves. We must be self-disciplined in our money management just as we are in following the rules of the road or laws of the land. Ask yourself why you would have any more difficulty following the rules of money management. Good money management. Safe money management.

Lifestyle counseling, an aspect of financial planning, is a service available at no extra charge for investment clients. If you are not investing with us, the same is available to you for an hourly fee.

Have you ever had a firm budget for the long term? Have you ever really had control over your spending? Are your savings as substantial as you would like them to be? Have you ever really had control over your money? Would you like all of these things to be true?