Wealth Management

Your wealth is what it is. You do not need to be “wealthy” to have wealth. Whatever you have is your wealth. I’m here to help you manage it.

Wealth management includes a variety of services intended to provide whatever you may need: financial planning, investment advisory, portfolio management, or simply a strategy review or second opinion. My intention is to help make you more comfortable with your financial decisions. The degree of assistance you may require is up to you. If you have been a do-it-yourselfer but feel like there is a piece missing, let’s talk about that. If things have become too complicated, or time is limited, maybe turning it over to professionals is a good idea.

Wealth management

As you accumulate wealth, the tools required to manage it effectively may increase. I have assembled resources to manage portfolios from as small as less than one hundred thousand dollars to multi-million dollars plus. Certainly, each requires a different approach, therefore the need for multiple resources. The Third Party Money Managers (TPMM) with whom I have partnered provide professional portfolio management services appropriate for your accounts. They are subject to a due diligence process, and ongoing review, that make them prudent choices.

This approach to wealth management provides the attentiveness of my personal services with the benefits of an array of professional expertise that would otherwise be a challenge to assemble in one place.